Organic and biodynamic seeds

Our mission

Arcoiris is an Italian SEED COMPANY, whose share capital, is 100% Italian.

Our main mission is to multiply and select horticultural and officinalis varieties specifically for the organic and biodynamic production, starting from Open Pollinated seeds, not hybrids and rigorously not OGM.

We are strongly committed to the recovering of ancient Italian varieties in order to defend and increase the value of all our immense heritage of biodiversity. Arcoiris is the only national SEED COMPANY having registered two ancient varieties (the anguria di Faenza – watermelon and the sedano gigante di Romagna – celery) to the Registro Senza Valore intrinseco: one of the two Authorized Official Registers for the biodiversity. At the moment we are about to register also other varieties such as Corn, Pumpkins, Watermelons, Beans, ect….

Cultivating biodiversity and offer it to all the producers and hobbiests is one of the fixed points of our daily activity, where we are at the forefront of all the skilled work of protection and preservation done by our farmers. After many many years they have given us varieties and flavors which must be absolutely protected, harvest from the fields and then consumed on our everyday tables.

Four simply words: biodynamic, organic, biodiversity and Italian are the synthesis of our commitment.

We are conscious that seeds are on the apice of the food chain. All food come from seeds and the quality of the human life rely very much on the production process of food. Producing seeds is a big responsibility. A high quality seed is an important element to determine the success of a cultivation, and also to determine the nourishing qualities and the flavor of the final products. This is why we dedicate big efforts to the research in order to improve the natural resistance of the horticultural plants and also to increase our line of varieties to enlarge the availability of the choice for our farmers.

In our commitment of genetically improving our seeds and to recover ancient varieties, we only adopt criteria and behaviors in compliance with the organic and biodynamic farming, paying attention also to the conservation and respect of the human and environment health. To carry on their activities Arcoiris cooperate with the researchers of CREA-ORL/Montanaso Lombardo (LO)